Microprocessor System Design
Microprocessor System Design
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Microprocessor System Design specializes in embedded system hardware and firmware design and development.

Formed in 1987, MSD offers over 20 years of comprehensive design and development experience with real-time embedded firmware, C and Assembly Language Programming, hardware design with 8, 16 and 32 bit microprocessors and system level development.

Firmware Design experience with:

* Real-time multitasking firmware.
* Data acquisition and process control.
* Commercial and home grown RTOS.
* Boot code including FLASH download firmware.
* Packet communication protocols.

Hardware Design experience with:

* 8080, 8085, 8086, 8088, 80186, 8048, 8051, P51XA, 6800, 68HC11, 68332 and Atmel AVR 8535, Mega 163, Mega 32 and Mega 128.
* TTL, CMOS, CPLD and FPGA digital logic design.
* Analog circuit design including power supply, EMI suppression, signal conditioning, Op Amp, A/D and D/A circuitry.
* Schematic capture and PCB layout software.

Partial List of development projects:

* AVR 8535, Mega 163 and Mega 32 based Data Acquisition System used to monitor clean room environments including communication protocol.
* AVR 8535 based Data Acquisition System used to monitor environmental monitoring equipment        (4-20 ma and particle count).
* 8051 and AVR 8535 monitor and control systems for Hi power RF amplifiers.
* AVR 8535 and Mega 163 embedded monitor and control systems for RF modules.
* 8051 based distributed processing module firmware.
* Firmware for special purpose handheld cellular phone.
* 68332 based alarm and control unit for cellular RF repeater system.  The system included downloaded FLASH memory.
* 8051 based monitor and control system for satellite transceiver.
* DC-DC power supply design including ETSI certification for conducted EMI.
950 Randy Way
Brentwood, CA
(925) 516-1898